Letter From Carolina

Carolina Benoit Miami most secretive creative.jpg

Happy New Year!

Today, the last day of the year I look back and wonder what an amazing and crazy rollercoaster ride 2018 has been! I’m thankful for every single person who shopped with us, and helped us reach new heights, for the people who gave me an opportunity to thrive and for my family who always push me to do what I love, even if sometimes I get some really crazy ideas.

The year started with our Aventura Mall pop-up, a dream come true, but also a big, A BIG, challenge. I’m so happy I was able to support small businesses and small designers, and that I was able to prove myself that my store could survive and thrive in that very competitive environment. We are not a big brand, we didn’t have a huge budget, it was just me and my assistant working on everything, from having cleaning supplies at the store, to actually reaching sales goals….

I look back at this amazing year and although it makes me happy, I also start to get anxiety! Wow, sometimes it was so hard to carry the stress of a store, and the invisible workload of motherhood. I suffer from anxiety and panic attacks, and just thinking about it all makes me cringe from all the difficulties I endured. Those difficulties included me not being able to control my stress and living on a constant anxious state. However, don’t get me wrong, I feel pretty proud of myself too. I know that only a few people can accomplish what I accomplished this year, and for that I feel proud.

Lastly, I must say Thank you, to all of you. Thank you for shopping at my store when you have a thousand options more. Thank you for commenting, liking, sharing, and sending me words of encouragement, even if you can’t buy. Thank you for continuing to follow me even if sometimes I get political and controversial on my Instagram (LOL), and most importantly, thank you for always believing in Please Don’t Tell. My store, to me, it’s what Virginia Woolf would call “A room of one’s own” and by default a feminist statement of personal liberty. Thank you for supporting that.

Happy New Year! May this year bring you everything you dream of, plus a little more… A year full of life, full of dreams, full of happiness… Remember what’s important in life, your personal well being, surrounding yourself with people that truly love you and doing what makes you happy. And, don’t forget your 2019 eco/ethical resolutions, mine is to cook more at home and eat less out.

Love you all! Happy 2019!