My Vibes Cleaning Ritual

I’ve always been very sensitive, empathic and open with other people. I love that aspect of my personality, but it can also be very draining. There’s many ways to find your center again and recharge, and I’m going to share with you my three favorite rituals and how they help to clean my energy.

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  1. Palo Santo/Smudging:

    Palo Santo carries a tradition that goes back to Incan times, and although a lot of people believe that palo santo helps attract good luck and carries other supernatural powers, I’m more of a realist and simply enjoy the ritual of burning palo santo, I love its aromatic scent. I burn palo santo once every week, before the weekend. I usually play some meditating music, and light my favorite palo santo smudge (I prefer the one with flowers and sage, its more aromatic) and I meditate on everything I want to bring into my life, and what I want to change. I love to leave the palo santo burning for 10-15 minutes and then smudge it against the dish. I believe the aroma of the wood and herbs helps to clear my mind and relax.

  2. Himalayan Salt Bath:

    There are times in the week that I feel exhausted, mentally I’m always trying to create and it can get extremely draining. But also physically, after a week of driving back and forth, trying to finish deadlines and keeping up with all the responsibilities, by the time Shabbat comes i’m completely drained. I love to fill up a bath just before shabbat and fill it with essential oils, our bath salts (which feature the best ethically sourced ingredients and my favorite flowers. I light some candles and sit on the warm water while listening to my favorite music. One rule: no phones. After that bath I always feel recharged and ready to tackle anything!

  3. My Family Chakra Balancing:

    I’m not an expert and never studied anything about chakras, but I love the scents and ritual of reciting to my daughters positive mantras: I’m supported and Abundant, I create my life and reality, I’m worthy of my passion, I’m love and I’m open to give and receive love. I speak only the truth and I’m aligned with my intentions, I trust my spirit and my intuition, I’m one with the divine. Our ritual goes like this: We sit together and recite the mantras while we place the essential oils at each place. I don’t make it too serious, as I like my girls to enjoy it! We then finish by telling each other something we love about each other and about ourselves! This ritual helps me connect with my daughters and find a space to relate to them in a deeper level.

Tell me below, what do you do to connect to your inner self and spread positive vibes? What are your favorite rituals?

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