Back To My Creative Self

A year ago I was sitting on my most successful pop up yet at Aventura Mall, in a state of constant anxiety. I was eating Belgian waffles for breakfast every morning, skipping lunch, snacking mindlessly, not exercising, constantly glued to my phone fixing problems, angry, and not enjoying the most important thing in life: my family. It got to a point that I got sick a couple of times, constocondritis, and developed celiac, and was having recurrent panic attacks. In the mist of this, I decided I wanted to design again. I remember one of my friends, when confronting me with the way I pulled back from everything, saying that she thought I was crazy for wanting to start yet another project, when I didn’t even have a minute to relax. Deep inside I knew, that as a very creative person I was simply trying to take control of my life again.

The store, and fast paced environment of it was killing me. I hated the waste generated by me, I hated the amount of clothes being sold to people who would buy mindlessly (I’m telling you, this was the worst, what business owner will tell you she wants to sell less?) Even if I knew that it wasn't the right path, I kept being hesitant: was I maybe too spoiled and was wasting a good opportunity? Was I ungrateful for wanting to leave something that I had fought so hard for? I asked G-d to please give me the answer so I didn’t had to make the decision, and one day, a very unexpected day, H- did. It still hurt to close my store, I had fought so hard, it had an amazing future with offers to open stores at every single mall in Miami and beyond… But I just couldn't do it. I realized most of my success was based on ego… and I did learned a lot about myself in this process…

You can make all the money in the world, but if your mind and body react like mine did to stress, then all the money in the world is not worth it. With this thought I decided to start designing, with the help of my very good friends, I sketched, sent tech packs, choose fabrics, and eventually was able to complete my collection, and I’m telling you, this collection is definitely a dream come true. It’s inspired by my spirit animal, the moth, which I feel presents itself every time something is about to change in a big way in my life, the silhouette of most pieces is “wing” or moth inspired. The florals symbolize dry flowers, while incorporating the traditional Indian indigo dying technique. Lastly all fabric are eco friendly, from cupro, to linen, we kept our collection biodegradable.

Right now, I’m in such a good place, I meditate every day, spend quality time with my family, I’m the balancing center for them, I’m healthy, and all that comes from happiness, the happiness of knowing that a life worth living is a life that you are true to your inner self.

Thank you for supporting my project, for staying with me with its changes, and for helping me share, or buy this collection. It means so much to me and I can’t wait what this project will bring next!