Postcards From India

postcard from India

Ethically Made In India

I never imagined I would end up producing clothes in India. I thought probably Colombia, being that I’m from there, and at some point I even thought China was a good idea… I related India (ignorantly, I must add) to Bangladesh, and Bangladesh to a non-ethical label. Sometimes when I mention that my brand is ethically made in India, people do a double take, as if for some automatic reason making clothes ethically there is impossible. I want to change that. India has a very big tradition of textile production and manufacturing, and by assuming that there’s only cheap labor there we are removing the human factor. People who need jobs and have talent!

Our factory not only makes clothes ethically they also have a beautiful workspace, pay equal wages to women and men, and work with me to find the most sustainable methods of production. As soon as I started to see the person behind my seams as a real person and not just a name things changed. We follow each other on Instagram, are aware of each other’s lives, and share all the excitements of our brand together!

There’s a certain peace of mind, knowing that these clothes are made ethically. Knowing that these clothes were not sewn by someone who is not being payed fairly, or by children. I’m also proud of being able to incorporate the traditional Indian methods of production, like indigo dying and block printing, or even some of the trims which are so popular to India, like the cotton pompoms!

Very soon I’m planning a trip to go meet the people that make my dreams possible! I will for sure keep you posted <3 And as we enter a new season and start producing our Fall line, please check our our pre-order which is going on right now on the site (for two more weeks only)