Mother's Day Letter From Our Creative Director

I’ve said it a million times: being a mom completely changed me and gave me an inner strength that I can’t even put into words. It has taught me a lot about myself, things that I didn’t even know that were there.

The biggest lesson that being a mom has taught me its that I should always look to be present in everything I do. The day I decided that my children were my priority and watching them grow was going to be the most rewarding thing, that day I decided to re-direct my life.

As mothers and women we also have a very big responsibility, we hold the feminine energy to heal the earth. As our planet is screaming for help, let’s treat it like we do our children, with love, with care and compassion. Choose an action that helps the earth, wether not using plastic bags, using a reusable mug, or minimizing your daily impact.

With this thought I want to say happy mother’s day, wether you are a new mom, future mom, were a mom or are not a mom, we all carry that feminine motherly energy within us, to heal the earth, heal others and transcend.

Happy mother’s day~

Photo by Simply lively.