A Petite Bouquet For You

After reading the historical biography on Marie Antoinette by Antonia Fraser, I was amazed by her life and her struggles, and how misunderstood she was… I’m working on a couple of collections inspired by her, and her love for flowers. The collections are slowly coming to life, and we received the first batch of pieces (I call it batch, but in reality, since these are made from vintage finds, we only have 6 in stock ahahah) - I loved the end result, how romantic and feminine these came about, they would have been perfect for Marie Antoinette, or any modern flower loving queen!

And on a completely unrelated subject, I also want to tell you that I feel so happy… For years I was so anxious and selling mindlessly. Sometimes I look at photos from the time that I had my first daughter, which was the first time I had a store, and it’s crazy, but I don’t remember either event… And now, I can finally enjoy both things my kids and my art. I spend my days designing, drawing, creating cute pieces, fulfilling my inner purpose, but most importantly, spending time watching my girls grow, enjoying every single thing life gives me… Sure I call “batches” 6 pairs of earrings, but honestly, it makes me happy, this moment, this turn I had… It’s just amazing and perfect.