Self Love Is An Eco Friendly Issue

For some months now I have been working on a super special project which has been part of my life for a while now, I’m so grateful that I finally have the time and also the strength to work on it with all my heart! Anyways here’s a little sneak peek for you!

The first step to changing our shopping habits is by looking at ourselves and realizing part of our shopping addiction comes from the constant bombardment of images we are exposed to. Images showing the ideal body type, making sure you understand that “getting old is awful”, that your skin “needs fixing” and that if you miss the latest trends, you are simply not in style… I felt this last one specially hard because by working at my store I was constantly exposed to criticism… in other words, my self-esteem was very affected, specially after I had babies and couldn’t figure out my personal style, and later on getting super exposed to images of bloggers who keep up with trends like clockwork, I felt like it was impossible to catch up.

It has taken me years to build my self esteem to the level that I feel happy with, I picture it as a plant because you always have to take care of it, self love is also a part of that… and should be with you all the time. The first step to changing our shopping habits starts with realizing we have everything to be happy, we don’t need anything else, and the stuff we buy should be stuff we like, not stuff we are looking to identify with. I hope you love them and please tag us if you share <3

In other news:

As you can see we made one of our final steps in our conversion to an ethically made /eco friendly company, we are no longer selling other designers, as of now we will only be carrying our own collection, and a selection of ethically made/eco friendly products made by artisans, that fit our collections. Part of this is, you’'ll be able to shop for my illustrations and art. This is the first I’ll be selling and will only print 10.