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Days With Our Hortencia Dress

I walk and from the dress hangs a train that moves with my every step effortlessly. I love that, people might find it not practical for modern life, but that gives me that little bit of old glamour that my old soul is always missing because i’m stuck in a twenty first century life. Sure I’m just heading to Mandolin but even if it’s my dress, a perfume or one of our petite bouquet earrings, I need a little something to make my old soul feel at home…

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The Daisy Collection

My children are the inspiration behind everything I do. After two years of running around I’m so happy that finally I got a chance to truly enjoy the magic of my children, and to breathe in their innocence. Children have so many things to teach us: patience, mindfulness, love, forgiveness… They are the true teachers, although sometimes its hard for us to accept that truth.

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Back To My Creative Self

A year ago I was sitting on my most successful pop up yet at Aventura Mall, in a state of constant anxiety. I was eating Belgian waffles for breakfast every morning, skipping lunch, snacking mindlessly, not exercising, constantly glued to my phone fixing problems, angry, and not enjoying the most important thing in life: my family. It got to a point that I got sick a couple of times, constocondritis, and developed celiac, and was having recurrent panic attacks. In the mist of this, I decided I wanted to design again

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