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A Petite Bouquet For You

Sometimes I look at photos from the time that I had my first daughter, which was the first time I had a store, and it’s crazy, but I don’t remember either event… And now, I can finally enjoy both things my kids and my art. I spend my days designing, drawing, creating cute pieces, fulfilling my inner purpose, but most importantly, spending time watching my girls grow, enjoying every single thing life gives me… Sure I call “batches” 6 pairs of earrings, but honestly, it makes me happy, this moment, this turn I had… It’s just amazing and perfect.

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The Daisy Collection

My children are the inspiration behind everything I do. After two years of running around I’m so happy that finally I got a chance to truly enjoy the magic of my children, and to breathe in their innocence. Children have so many things to teach us: patience, mindfulness, love, forgiveness… They are the true teachers, although sometimes its hard for us to accept that truth.

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