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Cafe Con Leche

What a summer! It has given me the possibility of recharge, of finding myself again, and understanding my path. Somedays it has been super hard to face the loneliness and hear my inner voice under all my thoughts, but when I pass those moments I find myself and I find such creative force inside me, that I even surprise myself. I still have another month of vacation, and I’m so happy that I took this time to really recharge and start again.

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A Petite Bouquet For You

Sometimes I look at photos from the time that I had my first daughter, which was the first time I had a store, and it’s crazy, but I don’t remember either event… And now, I can finally enjoy both things my kids and my art. I spend my days designing, drawing, creating cute pieces, fulfilling my inner purpose, but most importantly, spending time watching my girls grow, enjoying every single thing life gives me… Sure I call “batches” 6 pairs of earrings, but honestly, it makes me happy, this moment, this turn I had… It’s just amazing and perfect.

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