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The VERY Personal Story Behind My Collection

I don’t know where to start writing. For years i’ve been in a transformation, which I honestly didn't ask, it just happened. I guess it started with my father’s stroke, but it accelerated when I became a mom and motherhood was met with resistance from beliefs (which are also society’s beliefs). I was given my store at the same time I was given the gift of motherhood, and it was a moment of my life in which I was surrounded by a lot of people, who had a lot of outward motivations, like wearing designer stuff, looking like instagram models, and NEVER giving up a career for children or your family. Little did I know that I was dealing with my ego self and not my true being.

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The Daisy Collection

My children are the inspiration behind everything I do. After two years of running around I’m so happy that finally I got a chance to truly enjoy the magic of my children, and to breathe in their innocence. Children have so many things to teach us: patience, mindfulness, love, forgiveness… They are the true teachers, although sometimes its hard for us to accept that truth.

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