Classic White & Green Daisy Embroidered Earrings

Classic White & Green Daisy Embroidered Earrings


A pair of ethically made earrings made from tiny daisy flowers, featuring white, yellow and green tassels. All of these pieces have been made from recycled plastic beads.

Inspired by my children and my own childhood, and off course my family and our beliefs these earrings were designed thinking of the kabbalah and it’s numbers:

  • The center bead signifies the oneness of the universe, it also signifies the home.

  • The 7 Beads around that bead symbolize the 7 times a woman goes around the husband on the wedding day, and the promise that she will always care for him.

  • The 18 flowers that create the circle symbolize the number 18 which symbolizes Chai, or life.

  • The circle symbolizes the circle of life.

measuring 4” long however, these are super light!

Closes with butterfly closure, in 24k plated silver.

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