The Intention Cards

The Intention Cards


The intention cards are a set of illustrated characters and their qualities to inspire you  
thru an intuitive and joyful writing process to have more clarity with  goals you want to achieve.


  • 12 Premium collectible intention cards

  • Dimensions: 3.75”x 5.25”            

  • Canvas bag packaging ( 3 colors available)

    1- Look for a peaceful and private space to get inspired.
    2- Choose a card with the quality you want to activate within you. 
    3-Take a moment to write down your intention with this quality. Be specific.
    4-Each day, look at your card and read it to activate  the power of intention.
       Repeat this as many times as you need with any of the cards.
       Be ready to visualize and  manifest your goals.   
       Choose to believe that anything is possible!

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